Nexen CP672 - 225/60R16 98H

Origin of brand: (South Korea)

Tire Produced: South Korea (South Korea)


Nexen CP672 Tire

Illustrative Picture

Technical Information

Width: 225 mm

Profile: 60%

Rim: 16" (406,4 mm)

Wall Height: 135 mm

Outside Diameter: 676,4 mm

Standard Rim Width: 6.5 inches

Rim Width Range: 6-8 inches

Speed Rating: H 210 km/h 130 m/h (?)

Load Range: 98 750 kg 1653 pounds (?)

Tread: Symmetrical (?)

Directional?: No (?)

UTQG: 500AA (Compare treadwears)

Treadwear: 500 (?)

Traction: A (?)

Temperature: A (?)

Type: Passenger High Performance

More Tire Information

Treadwear Comparison Table (98H)

Treadwear Brand
180 Bridgestone Potenza GIII
300 Hankook Optimo K424 MEO2
320 Fate AR-35 Advance
340 Nexen N2000
360 Horizon HH301
360 Marshal Matrac FX MU11
360 Maxtrek SU830
360 Sonny SU830
400 Nexen CP641
400 Nexen CP661
400 Toyo Proxes TPT
440 Cooper CS3 Touring
440 Kumho Solus KH18
460 GT Radial Champiro-128
500 Nexen CP672
600 BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport
620 Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring
740 Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring
800 Continental TrueContact

What's the highest Treadwear for tire size 225/60R16?

Certificates (?)

Inmetro (Brasil)
E4 (Europa)
SNI (IndonÚsia)
CCCs (China)

Pictures of the tire

Tire Nexen CP672

Tire Nexen CP672

Tire Nexen CP672

Tire Nexen CP672

Tire Nexen CP672

Tire Nexen CP672

Tire Nexen CP672


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